The Annual General Meeting of Mediation North Surrey will take place on Tuesday 17th December 2019, commencing at 1900, at Church Gate House, Downside Bridge Rd, Cobham KT11 3EJ

Mediation North Surrey

Building Bridges

We provide community mediation, which is a way to help individuals to address and resolve conflicts that they may have with their neighbours, or other people or organisations in their local community. 

It is a proven way of solving disputes and improving lives 

Mediation North Surrey is here to help you find solutions and build the bridges to help repair relationships

"Operational Management of Mediation North Surrey is moving to the new, Surrey wide “Mediation Surrey” charity.  To volunteer to become a Mediator. or for more information about Mediation Surrey, please

Mediation Works !
Confidential help in your own home

Our impartial mediation sessions are conducted in private by independent Mediators.  Any information shared during the process is treated as strictly confidential and not shared with anyone else.*

You are in complete control

You are in complete control of every step of the mediation process.  If you feel uncomfortable with it you can withdraw from mediation at any time.  Furthermore, nothing will ever be done without your permission.*

We are here to help you

Mediators are professionally trained to be able to help you.  They work to strict standards and guidelines. Mediators are independent of the Police, local councils, housing bodies or other authorities.  This independence means they have no legal powers and can act as “honest brokers” between parties in dispute.*

* Mediation North Surrey conforms to all relevant data protection and safeguarding regulations

Helping resolve community disputes in Elmbridge, Runnymede & Spelthorne

Refer a dispute to us:

If you are currently in dispute with other local people, or would like to refer someone to us for our help, please contact us preferably by email.  Include a completed referral form by clicking the button below.  Save and fill in the form giving as much detail as possible then email it to us.  We will then write to offer mediation to all those involved.  If you prefer us to contact you before writing to the others, just say so.  If you have trouble with the referral form just telephone us or email and we'll be in touch.

Tel:       0870 751 4311

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Mediation North Surrey

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